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Culture and Leisure
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Find here some articles about culture on Fuerteventura. Enjoy reading them.
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People and History
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Find here some articles about local people of Fuerteventura. Enjoy reading them.

Find here some articles about the history of Fuerteventura. Enjoy reading them.

Beauty and Wellness
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Beauty and Wellness
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Find here some articles about Beauty and Wellness on Fuerteventura. Enjoy reading them.

Body and Soul - Body
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Find here some articles about the human body and how to keep it in good condition. Enjoy reading them.


Body and Soul - Soul
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Find here some articles about the human soul and how to get in touch with it. Enjoy reading them.


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Individual Tours or Excursions allow you to organise yourself your visit or activity plan according to your wishes. In this way your trip will be as much as possible tailormade, exclusive and unforgettable. Please find below businesses that will be pleased to help you in your search for that exclusive happening.


Find here all activities that will give you and your family a lot of fun during your holiday stay in Fuerteventura. The activities are particularly enjoyable for kids, teenagers and adults.

Guided Tours
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Guided Tours on Fuerteventura

Guided sightseeing tours on Fuerteventura are probably the easiest and most comfortable way to catch the most representative spots of the island during a 1-day journey. You will get information about the culture and history of the island and explanation on the nature and its geography. Please find below a list of the tour companies.


Quad and Buggy excursions on Fuerteventura are something for the active ones. Discover remote places and enjoy splendid views where cars cannot drive. Feel the cooling wind and chew the dust. Refresh yourself during a swim and taste the local food. It will be a day to remember. Please find below a representative list of the Buggy & Quad companies.

Guided Boat trips in Fuerteventura are a pleasant excursion experience for the entire family. You will go out to visit an island, a remote beach, a nearby fishermen's harbour or you can jump into the water and do some snorkelling. Some offer a jetski ride or a banana trip. Please find below a representative selection of these companies.

Jeep safari tours on Fuerteventura are one of the easiest and safest ways to explore the impressive nature of the island. You will be driven by experienced drivers to dried canyons, extinct volcanoes, caves, white beaches and deserted lands. Just sit back, hold tight and enjoy. Please find below a representative selection of what's on offer.


Hiking Tours
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Individual Tours
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Please find here valuable information about what you can explore about the local culture and history. We supply you a road map to guide you through the most interesting locations. We wish you a nice journey.

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Find here the latest information about the local markets in Fuerteventura such as the agricultural market, handcraft market, African market and last but not least the Canarian market in your area.

Organise your own private sea excursion around Fuerteventura or beyond with a chartered luxury yacht. Visit neighbouring islands from the seaside. An truly unforgettable experience! Find here more info.
Booking your private airplane is anyhow an impressive moment, and it is even more on Fuerteventura. Experience Fuerteventura from a bird's eye perspective and collect unforgettable moments. At democratic prices. Find here more info.
Fuerteventura Events
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Find here the agenda and the picture & video reports about the most interesting events on Fuerteventura. Agenda, resumé videos and full capture.

Find here the agenda about the most interesting events on Fuerteventura, coming soon. And watch out for eventual video reports about some events in the event reports section!

Find here the agenda and the picture & video reports about the most recent interesting events on Fuerteventura. Resumé videos, pictures and/or full capture.


Family Fun
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Challenge your family or friends on a karting circuit in Fuerteventura! Get behind your steering wheel and shoot of into the next curve. Feel the sensation of speed...
Make Family Fun in Fuerteventura by visiting Theme parks and farms where you can visit typical animals. Find here where to go.

The Fuerteventura Guide for Smartphones and Tablets. Up-to-date & Easy!

The Fuerteventura Guide for Web-compatible Mobiles and Tablets (Android Smartphones, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablets) uses the QR Code system that is free available. You scan in this code from printed media or from your computer screen and store the link in your favourites. If you don't have this application already on your Mobile/Tablet, you can easily download it for free at www.scanlife.com.

Find here some popular links to scan in and stay tuned in on what's going on on Fuerteventura. Get the best out of your holiday!

Find in this Restaurant Section all about the best and most typical eating places in Fuerteventura. Make your choice based on the most relevant information about which restaurants to visit for your "wining & dining".

Find in this Nightlife Section all about the hottest party places in Fuerteventura. Make your choice based on the most relevant information about which "Hot Spots" to visit for your night out.

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Your online weather forecast for Fuerteventura.

The weather on Fuerteventura has no high peaks and deep slopes as you might have at home. On the contrary, the weather here is showing temperatures in the shade from 15ºC till 30ºC. When it gets windy feel temperatures might be somewhat lower.

Weather during Summer:

In general, the summers are dry, sunny - and windy. The prevailing N/NE wind is keeping us cool and is most appreciated by water sporters like windsurfers, surfers and kiters. The sunbathers do cherish those winds too, although some might be fooled by their cooling effect and turn up for dinner in their hotel, tomato-red. Sun cream (min. factor 30) at all times!!!

Weather during Winter:

The last years have given us some thunderstorms and heavy rain, but general weather conditions still are fine to enjoy beaches and surfing. The weather during winter still allows you to go home with a tan.

Please check the current local weather conditions and 4-day weather forecast below. They include cloud cover, temperature, wind direction, windspeed and probability of rainfall.

Enjoy your holiday in Fuerteventura!


Spirit guest articles
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charlie lang blog
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Nature and Science
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Find here some articles about science. Enjoy reading them.

Nature & Science - Nature
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Find here some articles about the nature of Fuerteventura and some from "further down the road". Enjoy reading them.

Home and Property
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Home sweet home - even on Fuerteventura. Find here some low-cost ideas to "face-lift" your casa or suggestions to really upturn the interior of your actual living space and make it a new home.

Spirit of Fuerteventura offers you relatively simple but original ideas to embellish your garden and improve the comfort of staying outside. Afterall, we do live on a sunny island and staying outside is an intrinsic part of the "Fuerteventura way of Life".

Home & Property - Recipes
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Spirit of Fuerteventura offers quite simple recipes, but that will give a lot of satisfaction without too much of a hassle in the kitchen. Most products that are suggested are of local produce or come from mainland Spain.

Spirit wishes you success and a lot of fun - behind the pots and pans and at the table.

Spirit of Fuerteventura
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POF North
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General Travel Guide
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POF South
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POF Centre
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Spirit Announcements
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Fiestas and Culture
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Intl news
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Spirit Stops
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Fuerteventura Bars
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There are plenty of bars in Fuerteventura, but most likely you are looking for some "exciting ones" where you have a nice atmosphere, good music, fine beers or live music. Find here the best addresses.
Shopping in Fuerteventura is a pleasant experience. You have shopping malls closeby and typical shops in town. Find here the most exciting ones.
Finding lodging or accommodation in Fuerteventura is quite easy, when you know where to look. Find here small but cosy hotels and apartment complexes to enjoy your holiday and intimate rural places to forget time.
Rentals & For Hire
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Rental companies for cars, motorbikes, bikes on fuerteventura supply almost all what you desire. Find here those that can help you.
Services & Emergencies
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Service companies on Fuerteventura can mean any health care or legal advise, but also the organisation of parties and celebrations. Find here the companies that might help you.
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Find here a list of all sport activities on Fuerteventura.
Find here all info about the Surfing & Bodyboarding community in Fuerteventura: wind & weather prediction, beaches, schools, camps, for hire, repair, clinics, meeting places, bars, eatery, etc
Climbing or Boulder in Fuerteventura can be done on artificial climbing walls or in some specific areas in the Betancuria massiv. Find here more info.
Playing golf on Fuerteventura is relatively young, but the courses are state-of-the-art and their difficulty level will challenge many experienced players. Find here the locations.
Off-Road Motorbiking in Fuerteventura really is something for the "hard-core". Although safety is of utmost importance, it will be a demanding activity. Not for everybody, but what an experience! Find here who to contact.

Snorkelling in Fuerteventura is one of the best and cheapest water activities on the island. The waters around Fuerteventura a full of life. Up to you to discover it! Find here all information about the companies that provide snorkelling services.

Fuerteventura North.

Corralejo, Lajares, Villaverde, El Roque, La Oliva, El Cotillo.

Deep Sea Fishing in Fuerteventura is an unforgettable experience. You go out for almost an entire day on a fishing vessel and return in the late afternoon with your catch. Find here where to book.
Bike Tours - individual or in a guided group - allow you to discover places on Fuerteventura where no cars can go. Tranquillity and astonishing views will give you unforgettable moments. Find here where to book.

Hiking in Fuerteventura - individual or in a guided group - will allow you to discover the beauty of Fuerteventura. When making part of a guided group you also will have the opportunity to receive a lot more info about the history, nature and culture of the island. Find here where to book for a guided tour.

Detailed Info on Tracks

You can play tennis in Fuerteventura all year round. There are a lot of courts available, as well as tennis schools. Find here their contact data.

"Find here the latest information about Scuba Diving, Dive Excursions and PADI, CMAS, CEDIP, NAUI & BARAKUDA Courses - Fuerteventura. Find here the complete list of Scuba Dive Centres on Fuerteventura."

Diving on Fuerteventura is one of the most impressive and relaxing activities one can experience. Professional dive instructors/dive masters from a dive school or centre will guide you. Most dive bases have boats, supply full equipment and provide interesting information about marine life. You can get lessons to your next level or speciality courses. Most schools follow the PADI system but other training systems like CMAS, CEDIP, NAUI & BARAKUDA are also available. Some centres have the possibility to experience Nitrox diving. Safety gets the highest priority.

Horseback riding in Fuerteventura truly is one of the best ways to discover the island. Tranquillity, a low pace to allow you to look around, the wind, nature and the sounds of surrounding life all are elements that make these moments unforgettable. Find here where to go.
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Print Editions
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In this Eat & Drink section about Fuerteventura you will find the most relevant information on which restaurants to visit for your "wining & dining".


In this Eat & Drink section about Fuerteventura you will find the most relevant information on which places to visit for your "wining & dining".

The best Gourmet and Finesse Restaurants in Fuerteventura offer a culinary experience with local produce, but prepared in a different way. These places truly are gems and guarantee an unforgettable evening. Find here their data.

Typical restaurants in Fuerteventura mean places where you can enjoy typical dishes with local fish or meat and/or the well-known tapas in a cosy and authentic interior. Find here the best addresses.
Restaurants by Location
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Carl Lang
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Hola FM
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Art Gallery
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TOP 10 Fuerteventura
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Test Shortcode
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