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Spirit of Fuerteventura is happy to announce some further developments in our web-based communication platforms:

- Spirit Stops ™: the info platform to know where-to-go on this island. Now even more info!

- Action-Blog ™: scheduled activities on the island now fully downloadable on any web-compatible phone!!! Don’t miss a thing; go to www.spiritoffuerteventura.com !!!

Get the latest info on what’s happening on your mobile: quick, clear and informative.

- Action-Blog ™: look at Picture & Video Reports about the most important events on the island at: www.spiritoffuerteventura.com / Action-Blog / Event Reports.

- Classifieds: NEW!!! Submit your “Sales & Searches” for many products and services at www.spiritoffuerteventura.com / Classifieds and get the best deal on vehicles, domestics, jobs, sports gear, services, etc… Don’t miss out!!!

- Real Estate Platform: a brand-new, comprehensive and web-based platform with the latest info on good offers on the island. Open to anybody who has a serious offer to make. Please go to www.spiritoffuerteventura.com / Property.

- Spirit Chat Box: we opened an on-site live chat box to allow our registered readers to participate in an intelligent conversation about any topic of life. If you have any ideas whilst you are strolling around in our web site, please feel free to pass them on to us.