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The magazine “Spirit of Fuerteventura™” started as a “all-in-one tourist info magazine” and became accompanied over time with the “Info-Fuerteventura™” magazines. Both magazine types have their market and are specifically developed to serve their public. But, obviously, there are some overlaps as we provide in both magazines basic info about the same main subject: Fuerteventura.
From this issue on, “Spirit of Fuerteventura™” will provide more articles of general interest and the other publication “Info-Fuerteventura™” and the App “TOP 10 Fuerteventura™” will focus on practical info about Fuerteventura for both, tourists and residents. In this way, we try to optimise on our resources, without giving in on quality.
I hope you will welcome our initiative and will continue to enjoy our publications.